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A Sound Education

The initial impetus for the creation of the comprehensive curriculum was to use vibration to reconnect children to their bodies.

Children and students are subject to a variety of pressures, ranging from parental, academic, societal, to cultural. To these, the last ten years have added other forms of stress from new technologies, excessive screen time, as well as increased exposure to negative and violent content.

All of these stressors create chaotic vibrations in children and students. To help reverse this trend, the aim of this curriculum is to provide coherent, stable vibrations that can ease the children’s physical reconnection to their bodies, as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual coherence and stability. 

The tools and exercises used in this curriculum are designed to achieve this goal to create coherence and stability at all levels.


Connection with Science

Every exercise in this curriculum is corroborated by current scientific research in neuroscience and child development – particularly as pertains to brain development at critical stages.

An extensive bibliography on current clinical research was consulted for the development of each exercise.
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Overall Montessori Goal

Maria Montessori’s various goals share in common a desire to help facilitate connection:

  • Connection to Self
  • Connection to Others
  • Connection to Nature and Spirit.

Creating coherence and stable vibrations physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually are the basis for creating better connections to self, others and nature and spirit.

Coherence and stability facilitate physical and emotional health, enhanced harmony in relationships, and improved understanding of the natural coherence and stability in nature and spirit.


This curriculum is based on an established curriculum from a California State Approved Sound Healing College. It includes information and exercises from over 20 instructors teaching at the College – most of who have over 30 years of research and teaching experience.

However, the curriculum is much more than Sound Healing. In fact, the name, “Sound Healing,” is to some degree a misnomer since the curriculum is not focused on healing per se. This said, healing may ensue from using the techniques in the curriculum. The techniques used in the classroom have been proven to help with learning disabilities and other physical and emotional issues.

Although the curriculum is based on the combined study of Sound, Music, and Geometry, it exceeds the sum of its individual parts. More precisely described, the program is based on the physical Laws of Vibration.


Everything is Vibration. Therefore, vibration is the basis of how everything works. The understanding of laws of vibration offers a key to creating more coherence and stability in life.

Technically, vibration includes all matter, including geometries, color, and everything in the quantum world – thoughts, emotions, and spirit. These laws thus affect everything.

Deeper examination shows that sound healing affects more than simply coherence and stability, depending on what level of vibration you focus on.


Peace, Harmony and Flow

Peace, Harmony and Flow are the key components to creating a healthy, happy and thriving individual. Maria Montessori would say it is key to helping one return to the natural state that we are born with.

These terms of Peace, Harmony and Flow are defined in a very specific ways for the purposes of all the exercises in this entire curriculum.

Peace is defined as the whole or wholeness. Harmony is defined as a positive relationship between two or more things. Flow is defined as smooth flow over time without blockages or hindrance.

Each of these three aspects plays important and different roles in a person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually which will be discussed in more details.

The main concept is that smooth flow is, of the three, the most important level. Peace and Harmony are regarded as components of smooth flow. In fact, Peace and Harmony are required for Smooth Flow. Essentially, it is all about Smooth Flow at every level of existence.

Viewing vibration from this perspective provides a clear basis for guiding one’s life for health and prosperity. This is the underlying (or overarching) theme and principle of the entire curriculum. For more details see the attached document, “Peace, Harmony and Flow.”

Children and students will experience this theme throughout the First Plane. As they enter the 2nd Plane, they are given exercises to discover this principle on their own. In the 3rd Plane, students apply this principle to engage in creative construction and more detailed theoretical exploration.

The Hierarchy of Vibration based on Peace, Harmony and Flow

How are the tools used in the curriculum to create Peace, Harmony and Flow?

Based on physics of vibration there are four main levels of vibration:

1.  Frequency – One vibration
2.  Timbres – Sounds with multiple frequencies
3.  Musical Intervals – Multiple sounds
4.  Music – Changing sounds over time – creating rhythm and melody

This hierarchy exists at every level of reality including geometry, color, and the quantum world.

When looked at from this perspective, vibrational tools can be used that work at each level of vibration to create Peace, Harmony and Flow. 

1.  Peace at the Frequency and Timbre levels is achieved through a coherent, stable vibration, which manifests as elongated vowel sounds. It also manifests as instruments that create consistent tones including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks – to name a few. In the world of geometry, it is the circle from which all creation is derived. All geometries in the Universe can be created by subdividing the circle. This aspect is explored in the exercises as an exploration of coherent sounds as opposed to chaotic sounds.

2.  Harmony – This level concerns the harmonious relationship between two things, e.g. two plants, planets, or two people. It also concerns the harmonious relationship with the self and with nature and spirit. Musical intervals are used as a basis for understanding harmony in the world.

3.  Smooth Flow at the Music Level – Smooth flow is the basis of everything positive in the body, in relationships, and in spirit. Blockages that impede flow are the basis of ill health for all living beings, including the earth. Smooth flow is the essence of health. The most important component of music is the quality of the flow. Smooth flow in music affects the rest of world, including human.

These concepts are incorporated in the tools used in the exercises throughout the entire curriculum.

Throughout the program we use the magic of sound and vibration to bring everyone (including the guides and teachers) into a peaceful state. We focus on peace at every level of reality within the hierarchy of vibration:

Peace manifests at each level of the hierarch of vibration as follows:

– Smooth flow of music in us – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… and smooth flow in the world.

– Harmonic relationships of two or more vibrations

– Coherent, stable frequencies, sounds and vibrations


With peace and stability comes a full range of benefits:

– Better physical and emotional health – especially a reduction in anxiety

– More stable and harmonic relationships

– Better mental focus and understanding – especially a reduction in ADD/ADHD

– More creativity

– Better connection to the peace and flow found in nature and Spirit

– More happiness

– More success in all endeavors


The Sound Healing Research Foundation received a $100,000 Grant to develop this curriculum for 2 Montessori schools in California.  The exercises were developed over 3 years with a large team.  

Many of the exercises have been implemented in the schools with profoundly effective outcomes

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